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A unique coaching concept is now available to PROFESSIONAL SPORT from DAVITASPORTS to ensure success. Clubs, managers, teams, trainers and athletes involved in professional sport are constantly in the limelight. Pressure to perform, lack of inspiration, the public, media, investors, personal environment etc. are daily internal and external triggers that cause various problems for participants. Professional sport is all about success and attaining goals.

The DAVITASPORTS’ core expertise possesses unique features of success optimisation. The CIRCLE POINTING coaching programme according to the DAVITANTEN principle is a coaching concept that was developed with professional sport in mind. Top-class sport as well as commerce exploit the added value and can therefore optimize their goals with lasting effect.

To accompany clubs, managers, teams, trainers and athletes on their way to their goals is part and parcel of our assignment. By strengthening personality and developing a new awareness, we are capable of making the most of a professional calling to perform optimally in sport. Optimizing presentation and communication skills, the handling of pressure from the public, the media and one’s surroundings in the correct manner, enhances personality and success.

With our DAVITASPORTS coaching concept, athletes, trainers, teams and top-class sports associations make use of a performance tool which actively enhances personal success.