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The DAVITASPORTS Academy aims to make sure that top-class sport benefits from unique added values to achieve better performance and personal success. People are shaped by people and success is also achieved through people. Simple human logic and experience of life, one has to admit, can enhance performance and success. Experience the effectiveness and the advantages of the CIRCLE POINTING Coaching Programme according to the DAVITANTEN principle in order to make full use of and strengthen one’s performance potential and personality. Discover how top-class sport takes advantage of the unique and lasting effect of DAVITA’s coaching concept. Not only does it actively enhance the personal and collective performance potentials but also the personality competence.


Martin Daxl

“Isn’t it funny? When we were young everything was different. We fell to the ground, hurt ourselves and a moment later we got up again. Despite all the hurts and pain we made it. At long last we could ride a bike. What is it that drives kids? Why don’t they give up? Why does an eight year old in Africa on two crutches practice the overhead kick until he can do it? Why doesn’t he cry, even when he doesn’t succeed? What drives him? Ambition and a competitive spirit aren’t the only motives.”

“I have experienced optimization of performance potential and personality strengthening over a period of more than two decades. Time and again I concluded that the simplest reasons for success are clear. In the course of a hectic day or in extreme situations most people tend to lose their efficiency, their assertiveness, their talents, their special performance potential and above all cannot keep cool in exceptional conditions. The wrong use of information /pressure and ignoring logical human functional principles immediately block performance and self-confidence. I am absolutely convinced that the uniqueness of human logic and the effectiveness of the CICRLE POINTING Coaching programmes according to the DAVITANTEN principle based on 20 years experience in the optimization of performance and personality potential, are the optimal supplemental tools for greater success in top-class sport.”

Martin Daxl
Sports Director and Chief Coach at DAVITASPORTS